Monday Madness...Kate Reads

Ok, so a Monday off. I take that as a sign to um... READ READ READ.

What I am currently reading:
I know. God, another dusty, old book. That's what I thought too until today. I must have been really desperate because I reached for it thinking, eh, why not. But it's actually a great story that has a lot of beauty. And how she talks about "kindred spirits"! <3 I can't put it down! I have "fallen under her spell" as Marilla puts it.

What I just finished reading:
A great find, personally. It was sitting on my bookshelf, just begging to be read. I started it and I just couldn't finish! 
Review: Jonah is 13 years old when a letter comes to him. YOU ARE ONE OF THE MISSING, it says. He ignores it, thinking it an ordinary prank, when his best friend, Chip receives the same letter after he learns that he is adopted. They are sent off on an extraordinary journey, pulling the strings of time, and at the same time, searching for their true identity. They learn about 36 babies who mysteriously appeared at an airport 13 years ago, and they try and unravel the suspicious story behind them. 
Thoughts: A great read, but a little slow paced. There is no real action in the book, but there is a lot of suspense. Haddix is one of my favorite authors, and the second book in the series, SENT, is much better than this one. 
Rating: 4 kisses out of 5!

Okay, this is one of my all time favorites. I picked it up again after a long time, and once again I was entranced into the world of Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gassy, and Angel.
Review: Max and her "family" are experiments, created by scientists at the horrible place they call the "School". They are 98% human, 2% bird. So, they can FLY. Oh, and did I mention that they are constantly on the run from Erasers, wolf-like humans who are constantly being modified? Join them on their adventure when their most valuable and youngest member, Angel, is taken. What will they do to take her back?
Thoughts: A real nail-biter. Max is witty, strong, and an amazing heroine.You know it won't happen in real life, yet sometimes you expect Erasers to come popping out at you. The entire series is beautiful-thrilling and stunning from start to end.
Rating: 5 kisses out of 5!

What I'm looking forward to reading: 
I know, i know. Shame on me, I haven't read it. But I will soon! So look forward to that!:) 

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Another sci-fi book you say? Yes. Sci-fi is really not my thing, or so I thought. but I've been really gravitating towards them these days. What do you say? Worth reading?
Last but not least, this baby. I'm really pumped to reading it! The first one was a roller coaster, can't wait for this one! Hey, if you've watched the movie, tell me what you think of it!


  1. Wow, yes, I loved Anne of Green Gables. Such a sweet girl. And are Legend and City of Bones anygood? Any book recommendations? I'm desperate.

    1. Yessss City of Bones is AMAZING. haha kind of funny because Legend just came from the library today-will tell you what I think!