Super Six Sunday: Super Six Series You Were Sad to See End

Super Six Sunday is a meme created by Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by "Top Ten Tuesday" from The Broke and the Bookish

Super Six Series You Were (or Will Be) Sad to See End

1. The Mother-Daughter Book Club Series

This is a great series because the girls grow up and I love this series because in a way I grew up with them. Each book covers a year, and I loved the distinct characters. The adventures that these girls go through may seem cheesy and repetitive, but the actual story was heart-warmingly real. 

2. Harry Potter

Do you call this a question? If you did not cry once during these series or were not really sad to see them end you should go die in a hole. Really. If you haven't read them yet, you have been missing out BADLY, my friend. The world of Harry Potter was so entrancing and I loved living in it; I was so sad when I reached the last page of the 7th book.

3. The Mortal Instruments
This is such a refreshing series. It's a different take on fantasy, but also has a connection to the paranormal books that are popular today. I actually haven't finished this series yet, but I know I will be sad to see it end. I'm really excited for what happens between Jace and Clary as well as Maia and Simon...:)

4. The Caster Chronicles

Before I read these, when I thought magic I thought Harry Potter almost immediately. But this series opened me up to a really diverse world of fantasy. I loved all the different roles and sides in the story and how in the end, all the different sides didn't matter, but loving someone for who they were did.

5. Maximum Ride

I love these series. So much. Now days, everyone has very alike views on science fiction. "In the future, people will start to rebel against the government.. blah blah blah." But this series is just the story of a group saving the world while running from the School much to the oblivion of other normal people. 

6. Blood Coven Series
Vampires. Dramatic, sparkling creatures that haunt everything in their way. Or so you think. The blood coven series is a great series because the tone it is written in is witty and humorous, so unlike the other vampire novels where it is dark and gloomy. I actually met the author, and she told me it was a feature she valued in her books. I was very sad to see the series end. 


  1. I seriously loved/STILL LOVE the mother daughter book club books like yes. I was so mad they ended especially since they were like ONE year from graduating! Why didn't she just finish off the series in senior year? AND HARRY POTTER FOR LIFE

    1. IKR i love them! they're really nice to just pick up when you're bored..POTTER NERDS UNITE