Monday Madness! Yet again:)

Welcome to another Monday y'all! (Look at me being all Texan) It's getting to that point in summer when *gasp* you want to go back to to soothe my wishes I've been reading!!

What I am currently reading: 
FINALLY. Gosh, I think I said I wanted to read this in March but of course 4 MONTHS later is when I get to read it. A new take on the classic The Island of Doctor Moreau, it's about Juliet, the daughter of a supposed madman. After getting fired from her work as a maid, she finds her childhood friend Montgomery and finds out her father, whom she thought dead, is alive. Why hasn't he contacted her? And what is the infamous surgeon doing with the animals he's bringing?   It's definitely a thriller, keeps you going, keeps you wanting more. I am about at the halfway mark. It's a really refreshing difference from all the science fiction/fantasy going on right now. Read with me? 

Teaser: "Father's eyes glowed like embers. Like a storm, the tension in the air returned, crackling like lightning. 'Well, Mr. Prince, I'm afraid you're wrong. you'd be nothing but trouble, you see.' And he jabbed the parasol at Edward's chest."

What I just finished reading: 

The #1 bestseller everyone's been talking about but it's an adult novel so I don't think I really can review this from my perspective. (That's to say I was pretty confused throughout the entirety of the book) But a very thrilling, chilling, haunting read that you should check out, if you can deal with adult stuff and not get completely puzzled. (or creeped out)

2 sisters on a reality TV show that they stepped into thinking they were gonna have some sweet revenge on the older sister's ex. Turns out it's a romantic show, and the two are in for some serious drama. Eh. Not really worth the time or the effort it took me to plow through this book. At first, it was really interesting with a new concept and whatnot but towards the end it just goes on and on and the story gets really old and boring. I didn't even bother to do a review of this thing. Should I? 

Malley, a 14 year old girl who decides to run off with a guy she met online, but isn't coming back. Richard, her cousin who is determined to find what's wrong. Skink, a 70 year old man with one eye who eats roadkill for dinner. What have they gotten themselves into? A debut teen novel for Carl Hiaasen, which I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with from childhood books like Hoot. (Logan Lerman? Owls? Ring a bell?) A really good read, especially if you're not into the intense, older teen kind of books. This is more younger teen, but still has a thriller mystery feel to it that I really like. 

Would you like reviews of these? Comment and tell please!

What I look forward to reading: 

Kami Garcia is the coauthor of the Beautiful Creatures series and needless to say, I ADORE THEM. This is a whole new concept, so don't worry about having to read it or whatever. I looked at this and at Icons, the new series by Margaret Stohl, but this just looks lots better. 

teaser: "I never believed in ghosts. Until one tried to kill me."

Read with me!!! 
Love, Kate 

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