Monday Madness!

Another summer Monday people! Gosh...3 weeks till school starts. Well, here we go!

What I am currently reading: 
I'm reading this little baby again, because Marie Lu is coming to Texas teen book festival and I kind of forgot everything that happened. Plus, I actually never got the opportunity to finish the series so I hope to do that before she comes. (I'll have promo for Texas teen book fest soon) This is a very popular book about a wanted "criminal" and the detective, in a futuristic setting. 

What I just finished reading: 

Reviews are here,so check them out!

What I look forward to reading: 

The movie for this bestseller comes out in 17 days, starring Chloe Grace Moretz as the main character. About a girl who has a seemingly perfect life with happy worries and simple choices until one day, she loses it all. A beautiful story about the choices we make in life, and the power of love. Keeping by my pact with myself to read a book before I watch the movie, I'm really excited to read this!

The new novel by James Dashner, the famous author of the Maze Runner series, it's a hyperadvanced technological world about a gamer, and how if he doesn't be careful, the line between game and real life may become blurry. I need to read this because James Dashner is also coming to Texas teen book fest.

That's me on this Monday....:) 

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