Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we give our top ten favorites to certain topics.

Top Ten (or Nine ) Books That Were Hard For Me To Read

1. A Tale Dark and Grimm
Okay, I am a sissy. And even in this book I was a bit grossed out and horrified. The plot wasn't all that great either, which led me to just feeling disgusted the entire book.

2. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Confession: I couldn't sleep with this book in my room. The pictures of the guys without irises or pupils just creeped me out waayyy too much.

3. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
I actually enjoy most classics, because they have a timeless, relatable, and classic feel to their story. But Tom Sawyer was so hard for me to get through. I was bored to death half the time, and I'm pretty sure I almost fell asleep.

4. Shiver
There is nothing particularly annoying about this book besides the fact that i just chugged through it. It took me forever to read, and I kept wanting to put it down for another book.

5. The Hobbit
I cheated here. After 7 months since I have started the book, and reread the beginning 3 times, I still have yet to get into it, or finish it. What do you think? Should I try again?

6. The Boyfriend List
I don't even know what the point of this book was. It was a girl whining about a harsh break up and blabbing about other boys. 

7.  An Abundance of Katherines
Don't get me wrong, I love John Green. He is incredibly witty, satirical, cynical in the best way. But a book needs more than just wit or satire. And I feel like this book was just a collection of witty comments with a bad plot.

8. The Madman's Daughter/Her Dark Curiosity

Word of the day: Vivisection. AKA dissecting an animal when it is still alive. Both of these books are absolutely wonderful. I love the plot, love the suspense, but when the depictions of vivisected animals come up...Blech.

9. For Real
Talk about a cheesy cheeseball covered in cheese dust. This book has no real point, makes me want to groan, and throw it across the room.

How about you? 


  1. I agree with you on TOM SAWYER. I would have put it on my list but my list contains of books I have avoided or didn't finish.

  2. I would say to try The Hobbit again, if you really want to. I enjoyed it when I read it (I've never been able to get through The Lord of the Rings, though).

    I didn't like A Tale Dark & Grimm, either. With the graphic violence and the buttinsky narrator... it just wasn't that good.

    I liked Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, though. Some of those pictures were creepy (but that's one of the reasons I liked it).

    1. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was enjoyable and very authentic, it's just not my cup of tea I guess.

  3. Amen on "Abundance of Katherine's" and "Shiver". I think I'm done with paranormal romance. "The Hobbit" isn't for everybody but it is one of the books I consider a literary treasure. You might try it on Audio.

    1. I find it funny that your picture is The Hobbit...I might try that thanks!

  4. I feel the same way about Abundance of Katherines. If that had been the first of his I picked up, I probably would not have gone on.

    Ditto your thoughts on The Hobbit. Ughghgh.

    1. I feel like I should at least attempt to get into it, because people consider it such a literary classic, but at the same time a really good book should do that naturally.