Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Hey guys! I was nominated by the amazing Claire @Bookworm Reviews to do this tag, and am super excited to do it! Thank you so much, Claire :)

Rules of the tag itself: 
Thank your nominator and link back to them
Put the award picture on your post and/or blog
Answer the ten questions your nominator asked
Nominate 10 (you can nominate less or more) bloggers and ask them 10 questions

So here we go...

1. Introduce yourself! Bullet five random facts we don't know about you.

  • I am absolutely obsessed with the band Queen. Favorite song by them? Probably Too Much Love Will Kill You or Under Pressure
  • I am really involved in theatre, and find a passion in directing
  • I was born on April Fool's day....I's pretty sad.
  • I am totally in love with anything Harry Potter, I'm sure many of you can relate :) 
  • Les Miserables is my all-time favorite musical and I've yet to see it live but it is a life goal.
2. What's your biggest bookish pet peeve?
When people dog-ear the pages. ARGGGHHGHGHH! It annoys me so much. Personally though, I hate when I'll have to stop reading and I can't find a bookmark, Oh the struggle. 
3. Tell us about a character you love to hate.
Ginny Weasley. I honestly have no idea why, but something about her irks me. Is it because I'm jealous of her thing with Harry? Maybe....
4. Do you DNF books? Why or why not?
Yes. Most of the time I try not to, just for the sake of ranting about how bad it was on here. But ther have definitely been books where I have just given up because I've had other ones that were much better waiting on my bookshelf. 
5. Love triangles v. insta-love v. forbidden love. Which is the worst?
Insta-love. Love triangles aren't much further behind, but then I think about Marius and Cosette and Eponine and I realize that some of them are okay. Insta-love, I feel like, is very overly expressed to where it doesn't feel real and just seems cheesy and makes me want to stab my eyes out. 
6. A book ship that just doesn't work for you.
Ronmione? Is that the ship? I always pictured Harry and Hermione together, and still do to this day.  Even J.K. Rowling said she'd pictured it for a while. Don't get me wrong, I love Ron, but....:(
7. Grab the book closest to you, turn to page 47, and type a quote from the second paragraph.
Book closest to me: Girls in Pants, Third Summer of the Sisterhood. (The coincidence...) Quote: "Life's too short not to try for something you want."
8. Has a book ever made you cry? If yes, what book?
Yes. I don't cry much during books or movies, because really, I don't cry much in general. But I definitely shed some tears during Champion and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (Fred Weasley...)
9. Make a soundtrack of three or more songs to correspond with events happening in the most recent book you've read. 
Well, I'm reading Les Miserables and I don't think it's that hard to pair a soundtrack with that because they made a musical out of it so...I guess it would be The Impossible Knife of Memory.

  1. 21 guns by Green Day basically just sums up the feeling of the entire book,
  2. Human by Christina Perri
  3. The Winner Takes it All by ABBA
All three of them are such beautiful songs

10. If you could live in any book setting, which would you choose? 
HOGWARTS. This isn't even a question. Well...maybe if Voldemort was still there I wouldn't, but just the magical world in general? Please Please Please.

Okay, so those are my answers.

And here are the 10 questions for my nominees: 
1) Name the three most recent books you've read.
2) Who is your favorite book ship?
3) Where do you get suggestions on what books to read? (goodreads, friends, randomly, etc.)
4) Any types of books you avoid? (genres, popular books, really long ones, etc.)
5) What is the book character you relate most to? If you can't think of one, who is one you look up to? 
6) Favorite book to movie conversion? Why?
7) You're having a party, and you can invite 5 authors (dead or living). Who would you invite?
8) Choose a book that has yet to be turned into a movie? Who would you cast in which parts?
9) Do you judge a book by it's cover? (Be honest...)Why or why not?
10) Name a few books on your TBR list. 

There you go! Have fun! 
Here are my nominations: 
Isabel @Wrandom Writings
Rebekah @Ramblings From The Back Closet
Emma @ Dilemma
Lilly @ Passive Aggressive and Pensive
Mrs. Kimberly Fritch @ Recovering Luddite
Jenn @Jenn Renee Read


  1. Les Miserables is one of my favourite musicals too! The live version is so beautiful. I always thought that Harry and Hermione would be together, but I think that Ron and Hermione ending up together was a good plot twist.

  2. I just went on your blog for book ideas, and I found this! I really wanted to read something new and something good, so I came to you:))You honestly have an amazing taste in books! Sorry I haven't seen this for a month, but I promise I'll do it next week!

    1. Awww thats awesome! Haha you're fine, I'm excited to read it!