My Texas Teen Book Festival Experience! (2015)

So...As you may know, I am in love with book festivals. Who isn't? I am super super lucky to live in a city where there are two huge book festivals each year- Texas Teen Book Fest and Texas Book Fest.
Last year, I went to TTBF and met James Dashner, Gayle Forman, Marie Lu, A.S. King, and some really fantastic people. This year did not disappoint.

The Lineup:

Plus Jenny Han, Morgan Matson, Andrew Smith, and More!

The Experience:
So I got there super early this year, and made it in time for the early bird signings, where all the famous authors (aka the one's above) were signing. It was a very awesome but chaotic time. 
I then volunteered for a while and got to stand next to authors while they signed (SQUEEEEE). 
After lunch, I saw possibly the best thing ever happen that I have ever seen in my entire life. 

5 words. Libba Bray David Levithan Singing.
David Levithan and Libba Bray are apparently good friends, and have been so for a while. At TTBF, they surprised us with what I think could be their own talk show. First they read over a manuscript (and the comments that David Levithan added) of Libba Bray's book Beauty Queens. 
For a certain passage about a girl with three nipples:
"I'm so glad you represented this underrepresented minority in young adult literature, Libba..."
For when Libba Bray broke the fourth wall a teeensy bit...
"See, this is me. I am a carpenter. A carpenter. Like Jesus. And here is me, building the fourth wall."

Then they had a brief questionnaire consisting of questions such as:
"Hermione Granger or James Bond?"
*Pause* "Emma Watson as James Bond."

"In the case of a Trump presidency, what foreign city of your choice are you moving to?"
"Any of them, Libba, will do."

It was a GREAT time. Afterwards we got to experience the lovely singing of Libba Bray. (It's beautiful. like really. not being sarcastic, it is gorgeous.) 

And to make my day even more perfect here are some pictures with my favorites:

And that, my friends was a phenomenal day forever in my memory. I really hope that all of you have the chance to meet authors and experience this as well, and comment if you have before, or if you've read books by these authors!


  1. That sounds awesome! You just got me even more pumped and excited for YALLFest in November. It's a long drive, but it'll be worth it!

    1. OMG I just saw went on the website and saw the author lineup! You are so lucky! Please tell me about it when you get back!

  2. JEALOUUSSS!! This looks like so much fun, I've always wanted to go to a book festival, but they don't reaally have any where I'm from :( So thanks for sharing your experience so I can live through you!

    1. Aww, I really hope that you will get to go to one soon! It is truly a great experience. Thank you for stopping by!