Talkin' About: Time To Read

 So it's the start of February...the second month of the year. By now, the motivation has started to wear off and the crazy new year's resolutions are taking their toll. And there's a general problem with my reading/blogging becomes practically nonexistent.
It's okay though! Because I've found a pretty good way to keep my reading consistent. So if any of you feel the same way, here are a few of my tips: 

1)Set out a designated time.
I know you have insane schedules...and waste a lot of your daily time watching YouTube videos and Netflix. I completely relate, but sometimes you have to force yourself to read. For me, it's always right before I sleep, and sometimes if I have extra time in the morning, I'll read before breakfast. Reading soothes and calms me down, so it's a really nice transition into and from sleep/rest.

2)Have GOOD books.
You know those books EVERYBODY is raving about? It's all for a reason. Stock up on a really solid TBR pile of books- and you'll find yourself wanting to read for hours on end. Ditch the ARCs for a while if they're feeling like a chore, it's all for a good cause, because you'll come back more eager to read. 

3)Join a book club.
I am currently in two book clubs at two different libraries, and I love them both. The atmosphere is great and it's just like book blogging...but in person! Not only that, but it's kind of obligatory to read the books before you go to the I end up reading a whole lot more.

Maybe some of you think I'm crazy for having to force myself to read (it's the classics guys) but if this time-management has been an issue for you, tell me how you deal with it! Not only for reading, but blogging and life as well. 

That's a wrap! See ya later!

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  1. I'm actually fortunate in the fact that I do have a lot of time to read. I also read at night, it's the best way to get tired before going to bed too!