Bookish DIY: Conversation Flannels

Hey everyone! Today I'm here with something really fun and exciting...a DIY! I honestly love expressing my bookish love through anything possible, hence the overload of merchandise in my closet and my room. This is something I did awhile back that I got quite a lot of compliments on. 

I first saw "conversation flannels" on from the designer Jac Vanek who has AWESOME graphic tees and flannels. Here are some of the examples: 
Actually adorable, but the prices aren't quite as nice (70-100 DOLLARS...eek). So as soon as I saw these I decided to make one myself. 

Step 1) Acquire a comfy, large, worn-in flannel.
Maybe you have one in the back of your closet, or your dad does. I personally stopped at Goodwill and it took me literally two minutes to find a flannel that was satisfactory. Four dollars was the beautiful price I paid for the super-comfortable flannel. I was going to buy a flannel from this etsy store if I couldn't find one, so that's always an option. 

Step 2) White fabric paint and some paintbrushes will be needed as well.
I would recommend not using the puffy fabric paint. Just actual fabric paint works great.

This is my favorite part! The flannel I made has a quote from the book Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Short, but meaningful.
Some of my other favorites are: "Words are life" - The Book Thief
"Wish with our hands"- I'll give you the sun
"I am no bird" - Jane Eyre

Step 4) Paint!
Put a piece of cardboard under your flannel and trace the words, following a general outline of the lines on your shirt. Just make sure to go over it once it's dry about 2 more times. 

Trust me, it is so fun to wear around and to see who gets the reference :) And if no one does, it's like your little secret. 
Thanks! Read on :)


  1. Great DIY! I've seen these flannels float around the music fandoms too! I really want to make one now!