I want to be bored

Hey guys! Today isn't a bookish post, but rather just a gathering of thoughts. It's summertime, I've been incredibly busy, and I want to be bored. 

I know, I might sound crazy. I'm sure we've all experienced the drowsiness of summer break, feeling sluggish and bored out of our minds and almost- almost!- wanting to go to school. It's not a fun feeling. But here's why: 

Creativity flourishes in boredom. Without a list of things you have to complete or get done by a deadline, you have the freedom to think and reflect and wonder until your brain gets sick of talking to itself. Some things I've done during summer when I was extremely bored: 

- made a vision board
- cleaned/reorganized my room (x 20) 
- wrote letters to friends across the country
- WROTE !!
- reread favorite books
- tried different looks out in my closet
- painted
- blogged :) 

Currently, I am in the summer before my junior year. Supposedly, life is about to "get real." And I get it, I have two summers left till college, so just work work work and suffer through them, and then I won't have to worry about this ever again. 

But also, I feel like this is the age with incredible potential- there is so much knowledge and wonder that can lead to some really great actions. In boredom, I do some pretty pointless things, like painting my nails and scrolling through YouTube for an hour. But when I get bored of that too, I'll get lost in reading a book for three hours, or I'll write a poem while sitting on my balcony and staring at the sky. I'll call a friend and talk about how we can try to do something about everything going on in the world, or I'll research photographers and social movements I've written down in my notebook. 

This summer has been busy, and of course, I am partially to blame. I have gone to a writing camp in Virginia, traveled to eastern Canada, mentally prepared for junior year, volunteered, worked...It may be very selfish for me to ask for a bit of a break when I am getting a lot of things done right now. But I want to be bored. I just want a few days to generate and think and create and do what makes me happiest- searching through myself and simply doing what I love. 

Because it is the summer before my junior year, and I'd like a taste of sanity for a bit. No, just joking, but I really would like to devote some time to the things I would never get done if it wasn't summer. And for that, I need to be bored. 

So here's to creativity. I would say here's to self-care too, but creativity is my self-care. Here's to boredom.

What do you think? Do you ever feel yourself craving boredom?

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  1. I hope you don't get too stressed, Kate! It's good that you find a way to weave self-care into your talents and passions. Good luck with everything!