Monday Madness

First school monday madness! I haven't been reading as much lately so I didn't see much of a point in doing this, but I have so many books I would like to read so here goes. 

What I'm currently reading: 
First of all, I'm amazed at Lois Lowry's story and how developed yet ahead of it's time it was. Second, I haven't even watched the movie but just from the trailer, I don't know how they could've screwed up the movie that much. 

This has been on my currently-reading list for a bit now, but I'm honestly only 43 pages into it. I'm kind of afraid of getting into it, and have no idea why, 

What I just finished reading: 

I'm working on a review for this one, but here's a teaser! 

“I leapt eagerly into books. The characters’ lives were so much more interesting than the lonely heartbeat of my own.” 
― Ruta SepetysOut of the Easy

What I look forward to reading: 

I am literally feeling so overwhelmed by the amount of books I want to read. 

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