My Texas Teen Book Festival Experience!

I have been waiting for TTBF to happen since the beginning of summer. And it finally happened today! I got to spend a super crazy awesome day with my amazing friends Lilly and Isabel, and we had the best time...ever.
We got there at about 10:15 and were really confused for a while until we finally got the sense to go stand in the SUPER long line to buy books where we waited for 40 minutes until I finally got to the place and I got these amazing books: 

Well technically I had If I Stay already. :)
Then we got to see James Dashner speak for a while, ate lunch, and then went to an absolutely fantastic panel with A.S. King, Scott Westerfeld, Marie Lu, and other authors. We grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the Screen to Shelf panel with James Dashner, Ransom Riggs, Gayle Forman, and Kass Morgan. It was so cool. James Dashner would occasionally just say Dylan O'Brien to make all the girls was great.
We then stood in line for 30 minutes waiting for the book signings to open up. Some books I got signed: 

(and four others) All the authors were amazing, and I met some great people there.

Now the life changing moment: 
A. S. King was there, as you can probably tell. She is my absolute idol, and my favorite author of all time. I got Isabel obsessed with her books too, and Lilly was already in love with them, so we all went up to her signing booth 3 times just to talk to her. We took group pictures and told her how much we idolized her. She started talking about how this was why she wrote, and how her fans motivated her, and then started to talk about her new book that was in the works. Then she told us she would include us in the acknowledgments, and took our names and took a picture of us! 
Left to right: Lilly, Azaan, A.S. King, Me, and Isabel

See...we're kind of freaked. 

So if when this amazing new book comes out and we're in the acknowledgments...THIS IS SURREAL.

So yeah, thank you Texas Teen Book Fest!