Things to be Thankful For

Hey fellow book lovers! (Or nah, but then I don't know why you would be reading this) So with Thanksgiving coming up on us tomorrow I thought I'd do a little more personal blog post about things to be thankful for, but keeping it book related. So set aside the thoughts about shopping and sales and delicious turkeys for a second...(I know, it's hard), and here we go. 

1. Books

Of course, we start out with the plainly obvious. I swear without books I would have never become the person I am today. Books are my love, my joy, my escape. I'm sure if not anyone else, all of you know the feeling of drenching yourself in a good story. I thank you, books. Much love.

2. Libraries 

I often think libraries don't get enough credit. But to me, they are literally my haven. I feel so at home and comfortable in them. I can put a book on hold, and bam, it magically appears before me. Kind of. But seriously, praise all libraries. (and librarians) 

3. Goodreads 

I cannot express in words how much goodreads has helped me as a reader and as a blogger. I have found some of the best books on it, and have met some of the best people. It's crazy. I can keep up with so many books! 

4. Book Bloggers, Book Blogs, and Blogger

It's getting close to a year since I started this blog, and it's been super cool to see so many other blogs and get inspired by them, and find a community of people with so many similar passions. And well this blog wouldn't be here without Blogger.

5. Authors 

Authors are some of the best people ever. They are so relaxed and chill and comfortable in their own skin. I have been inspired by so many authors that I've met, and without them, the books that we know and love would have never come to life. 

6. Book Festivals/Book Signings

Anywhere that offers an opportunity to meet an author, I am thankful for. Without these festivals and opportunities, I would not have met so many inspiring, life-changing, awesome people and authors. I thank everyone who makes these things happen immensely. 

So that's what bookish things I'm thankful for. But putting books and all aside, let's all remember that we don't just get the holiday because we want to go shopping or get fat on food. Let's make sure we remember and think about the things we are truly grateful for, and how fortunate we are. Thanks to you for reading this! 


  1. I agree, Kate! Books, authors, and the blogging community in general have been very beneficial and kind. I have a similar post scheduled for tomorrow highlighting bookish things I'm thankful for like the things you mentioned above. And it's cool you've been to a book festival, I have always wanted to participate in one but I haven't yet. On a different note, I'm touched by your apparent passion for blogging and seeing behind all the glitz of Thanksgiving to just thank things that mean something to you. So thank YOU for writing this post and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Claire @ Bookworm Reviews

    1. Awww thanks! I'll make sure to read that post tomorrow! You too!

  2. Yes, all of the above! I could add used book stores, library sales, and review copies to the list!