Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

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Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances in Books

Romance in general is an iffy topic for me, because it's so hard to portray it right. But it's been done, and I have picked out a few things I like/dislike in romances. The first five are things I like, the other five things I don't. 

 I like...
1. Meetings by chance
Look it's Lily and Snape! I feel like by-chance meetings are much more interesting and have more to build on than the whole "best friends since birth"/"He's from my village" thing or whatever. (Favoance.rite example: Eleanor and Park meet on their school complete chance.)

2. Something that makes the characters doubt their feelings
I think I can best explain this with Chaol and Celaena in Throne of Glass. Chaol doubts himself and doesn't let his affection show at first because he doesn't want to let anything confuse him from his job and his loyalty to the king. Also, I just love Chaol. So much. 

3. Lots of discussion
I personally think that there is nothing more romantic than a really good, personal conversation. If an author can build that up between two characters, I think it's much more interesting than just "Oh I love you and have always loved you even though we don't talk." (Example: The Truth About Forever, Wes and Macy and their Question game...loved it.)

4. Awkwardness
There's not enough romances that portray the true awkwardness of being in a relationship. It's hard to make it interesting, and it's hard to make it so it doesn't get annoying. Eleanor and Park were perfect at it. Their relationship had me wanting to tear my eyes out from the awkwardness but something felt very real. 

5. Honesty 
I like flirting in books. But not the shallow I'm-hinting-at-this kind. I like the more blatant, strong, a bit too honest kind that scares off people sometimes. (Example: Finch from All The Bright Places, or Levi from Fangirl)

I dislike...
6. Wayyy too much of just action
Yes, the picture is not a great description. But anyway, I hate when there is a connection physically and not mentally. When people don't talk but It feels fake and gross. (Example: DUFF)

7. Weird flirting 
Like stated before, weird shallow flirting that makes you feel icky inside is not my thing. I don't like when guys do that. It makes me hate them right away. 

8. Guys who are just a-holes in general
Out of all of these, I hate this the most. I hate it when girls keep going back to guys they "know they shouldn't be with". Like what the heck? He's a butt so ditch him. SO MUCH ANGER. 

9. Insta-Love 
Ick. I don't think love at first sight is possible. *gasp* I know, I'm a nonbeliever. No, it's just that from what I perceive as a definition of love, it requires time. I agree that you can be extremely attracted to someone, but instant love....No.

10. Girls who can't keep their minds straight. 
For me, a girl needs to have a sense of self. And I understand infatuation, but keep it together sweetie. You don't have to think about it every single second that you are breathing and alive. 

That's a wrap! What are some of the things you enjoy in romances? Don't like? 


  1. I love the effect of love by chance! It's so unpredictable, and the love seems so real that way!

    1. I know! All my favorite romance stories were set that way. And I also think it brings the characters together by an experience.

  2. Fabulous list. Insta-love made my list too. Like you, I believe true love takes time. More awkwardness in romance novels would be just fine by me, too.

    Hope you'll drop by at

  3. I absolutely love the awkwardness in Eleanor and Park! I really hate insta-love too, I'm a nonbeliever like you. Great list! ;)

    1. The entire book (Eleanor and Park) is such a great example of an amazing romance novel. Thanks!

  4. I love Chaol a lot too!I refused to read Heir of Fire just because many reviewers stated that they stopped shipping Chaol and Celaena together after reading the book.I can't do that.Just NO.

    1. Oh no I'm reading that right now! I will NEVER stop shipping them...I hope. :(

  5. Girls who can't keep their heads straight. This is so annoying. I know love can make us nutty but really, come on, it doesn't or shouldn't make us mindless.

    love the chance meeting too. oh and lots of coversation less action. I need that too.

    1. And it aggravates me because it appears to me that it's always the girls who can't keep it together. Sexism much?