Top Ten Books From My Childhood That I'd Love to Revisit

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish where we post 10 of our favorite things in each category.

Top Ten Books From My Childhood That I'd Love to Revisit
1. Maximum Ride
I loved these books. I think it was kind of the beginning of everything Sci-fi for me. 
2. The Mother-Daughter Book Club
I STILL love this book series. I actually think there might be a 7th one out... I'm not sure...But I grew up with these girls. One of my favorite series ever. 
3. The Name of This Book is Secret
Another book series I still absolutely adore, and finished I 6th grade. So not all child-y. Really reminded me of the power of a narrator and how humorous a book could be. 
4. Princess Diaries
Am I cheating a bit here? Yes. I read the first few in like 5th grade, and then stopped for a while after continuing the rest of them. But these books are so cute, and Mia is hilarious. Love the movies too :) 

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
I think this would be on every boy's list. Might be one of the only books some of them have picked up actually. I personally thought it was super funny and kept laughing throughout the entire thing. 

6. Ramona Series
Classics. I think that no book character really grew up and really showed her true self as well as Ramona Quimby did. I personally just adore Beverly Cleary. 
7. Roald Dahl books (especially Matilda)
Matilda was the first amazing heroine. She was so smart and different and really showed the power of a character. All of the other Roald Dahl stories are so good too. 
8. Junie B. Jones Series
She is HILARIOUS. I read her books to my sister sometimes and I still crack up. I feel like she never gets old :) 

9. There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom 
My 3rd grade teacher read this book to us and I remember loving it and then going home and reading it again. I think it really shows what goes inside a "bad"character, and it taught me a lot of lessons I needed to learn as a kid. 

10. The Sisters Club 
Best for last. I honestly adore these books, still do, and they go on my shelf right next to Harry Potter and A.S. King. I actually wrote to the author, that's how much I loved these books!


  1. I loved The Sisters Club! It made me so happy and it was so relatable to me and my sister. I loved The Princess Diaries as well. Great list!

  2. I am reading The Name of this Book is Secret to my son right now!! He loves it, it's so silly. I laughed so hard when I read the first chapter and it was all "Xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxx!"'s. I also loved the Ramona books as a kid... and of course Diary of a Wimpy Kid is one of my son's favorites (and mine too!!).

    PS- Mia + Michael foreverrrr :)

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  3. I loved the Maximum Ride books, especially the first trilogy. I haven't read the final two books in the series yet.
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  4. I loved the Princess Diaries series as well. Can't wait to read the newest installment.

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