March Blogging: The Big Picture

March 2015: The Big Picture
Hey guys! April 1st YAY! It's also my birthday, actually. Yup. I was born on April Fool's Day. Anyway, March has been a pretty good month for me. I read some really AWESOME books and started some new things I'm excited about. This being one of them. This is my first monthly wrap-up post I've done, but I think it'll be a good way to really pull together everything that's happened this month.
I read some super fabulous books this month, and am really happy overall with everything I've read.

1) Count of Monte Cristo, The
An AMAZING classic that really got my head spinning, but was also decently easy to get through.                                                            4 kisses!
2) Into the Wild
A very interesting way of putting a spin on your average fairytale, but drags on a bit in the beginning. 
3 kisses!
3) When I Was the Greatest
A beautiful coming-of-age story, with phenomenal voice, characters, and relationships between said characters. Recommend it for more gritty contemporary fans. 
5 kisses!
4) I'll Give You The Sun
A riveting, heart-wrenching, heart-breaking-and-then-puts-it-back-together novel. Might be the best one I've read so far this year. 
Beat My Scale!
5) Pride and Prejudice
A charming classic with satirical humor and great characters. 
4 kisses!
6) A Thousand Pieces of You 
A very interesting idea, but confusing to follow. 
4 kisses! 
7)And Then There Were None 
An AMAZING thriller that, and I will quote my friend Claire from Cover to Cover, "EVERYONE MUST READ. EVERYONE." 
Beat My Scale! 
8) Popular
A cute story with a great narrator, but we've seen the concept before.
4 kisses! 

Talkin' About

On the blog, we discussed buying books and how freakishly expensive they are, and also I started a new idea for collab reviewing, where I would read a book together with another blogger and we would do a collab review. I'm super excited to have those out...

Goals for April 
I need need need to get back in my habit of commenting back. I was great at it for a while..and then I just kinda slumped. 

I am super busy this entire month, but I hope to get out a lot of reviews, and hopefully a few discussion posts. What are some things you want to see or discuss? 

I'm so sorry to all the amazing bloggers that check out my blog. I usually make it a habit of going and following and regularly commenting on yours, but I have been slacking...a lot. 

And of course, I hope to collab read! 

Awesome! How was your month of March?

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