Talkin' About: Ghost Writers

Ghost Writers  
Recently, I was talking to my friend and blogger Jenn@JennReneeRead and she brought up a subject I hadn't really thought about before...Ghost writers. 
For those people, who, like me, had no idea what this was, a ghost writer is someone who writes under the name of someone else. They usually take on the writing style of the original author. James Patterson is a widely used example. He has so many ideas, and no time to write them, so he uses ghost writers. Zoe Sugg's book, Girl Online, also used a ghost writer.
Ghost writers can technically be used for anything, such as plays, articles, reports, and even blog posts. BLOG posts. This may not be me right now....

So what's the controversy? Some people say it's not fair that ghost writers don't get the credit and that the so-called "author" does. However, ghost writers are fully aware of the fact that they won't be acknowledged and are signing up for it when they take the job. Also their pay check is craaaazzyyyy. 
I'd never thought of ghost writers before, but now I want to check them out and learn more about them. 

What's your opinion? Have you heard of ghost writers? If so, do you think it's fair? 


  1. I don't think ghost writing is entirely fair because nobody remembers or acknowledgement them. I also feel like if an author uses a ghost writer, then they aren't really committed to writing if they are using someone else. Why write a book if you don't want to write it?

    1. That's definitely true. I don't really sympathize for the ghost writers themselves, because they know that they will not be acknowledged. But I also understand that readers might feel cheated.

  2. I feel kind of put off when I discover an author who is so successful and known world wide for their stories is revealed to have been using a ghost writer. I feel like I've been cheated in some way. Thats great if the author has too many story ideas that they can't write them all but why not say "Created By: So and So, Written By: So and so.?" Instead of misleading their fans into believing they wrote the whole thing..

    1. Yeah, that's the only thing I would say is bad about ghost writing from what I know so far. It would be nice if they just put both names on the book, because I understand as a reader the respect you feel for an author, and how that could be crushed because it turned out to be a different person.

  3. Hi Kate, Great subject matter. : )

    I am one of the few that really don't care if there is a ghost writer. I am there to read the stories and if I like the story that I like the story. I undertand the controversy I do. I just don't think its my business to agree or disagree on how two parties do buisness if they both agree to it.

    It would be great if the actual writer gets all the credit. for sure. but...most of the time the writer and the ghost writer have plenty to do with the process. The "author" came up with the idea and generally has much to say during the process. so they are still part of it. The ghost writer makes a load of money (most of the time) for doing this too. Look it up really. I think most ghost writers are in this career path for one of two reasons... the money beacuase they can write wel but really don't care for the creative side. There are technial writers who suck at craeting stories.... or they are in in to get some time in as a writer. See what it takes, get the fingers and mind used the writing process. Now I am sure that for both of these reasons their decisions on how it is handled are diferent and I don't care what that is or thier motive. They are well aware of the ins and outs of ghost writing. Its their choice.

    I mean really i do work all day long for my boss and never get the credit. It just they it is sometimes. But its my choice. I can find another job anytime. I like my job and my boss so I stay... oh and I like the pay.

    There are may thoughts on ghost writing but really again I say I dont care. My choice is to be a reader and that is it. So that is what I do I read.

    great job on bringing up such a controversial matter Kate!

    1. Hey Jenn! Thanks for the super thoughtful comment. I can definitely see where you are coming from, and if I know there is a ghost writer going into the book I think I would be fine too. But I can see the other side, because I have the utmost respect for authors and if I had fallen in love with what I though to be their books, but I later found it was a ghost writer, I think I would feel a bit cheated.
      Again, thanks!