Talkin' About: Classics

Hey guys! So the other day I was going through my discussion posts to see if I had done this post before...and SHOCKER I hadn't. Which was genuinely surprising because I have quite a lot to say on this topic...and I really want to hear what you guys have to say too. 

1) The Love-Hate relationship.
I will not lie, there have been occasions where I have wanted to tear my hair out reading a classic (Exhibit A: Tom Sawyer in 5th grade). They take forever, a lot of them have sentences that take up 3 to 4 pages, and they aren't really...english. For these exact reasons I didn't read them for the longest time- until I was forced to by my own will to actually earn my credit as a reader. And here is the best thing people: They get easier. I'm not daunted when I open up a classic anymore, I'm more excited. I know I can basically read anything at this point after finishing two 1200 page books (it was death).

2) The prestige.
Basically what you feel like when you finish a classic. You feel GOOD. Not only have you just taken a mental rollercoaster but you've now proven your intelligence to everybody that cares. Hey, I'm totally guilty. I read Pride and Prejudice last year and to be honest I can't remember anything except for Mr. Darcy and Liz Bennet off the top of my head...but I still get excited when someone reviews it or I see Austenite merch. Even if that feeling is your motivation, it's legitimate! Go for it!

3) Literature.
There is a reason a classic has earned its namesake. It's most likely stood the test of time and thousands of critics, and that's a lot lot more than most YA authors can argue. Now don't get me wrong, I love YA. But occasionally they can feel peppered and seasoned with artificial chemicals and classics are just like the natural...vegetables. (weird food analogy here) 
Every single one I have read holds some kind of meaning, a reflection on humankind and their actions and emotions. I think that literature really strives to explain why we live the way we do, and classics are magical in that they don't explicitly state the overarching mantra but they subtly show it by holding a mirror up to human life. There is a certain unspoken genius and beauty to it. 

Now by no means am I a classic expert. I hope to read as many as I can throughout my life because I have a newfound love for them. But I know that everyone who reads has tried, at least, to read classics before and I really wanted to know what you thought of them. 

Thank you so much, as always!


  1. I don't read many classics because of the language, it bores me! However I do love deeper, more meaningful books such as The Great Gatsby! That's probably my favourite classic.

    1. I completely understand. Especially like SHAKESPEARE...death. I loved the Great Gatsby- such an American classic! Thanks Emily :)

  2. Hmm. I don't tend to read many classic unless I'm being forced to by school. My only problem with them is that they seem to have an immunity when it comes to criticism. I can't talk badly about a book BECAUSE it's a classic, even if it's something mostly based on my own opinion. People tend to forget that classics are still books sometimes, they have issues. And not everyone is going to love a book! And many classic are pretty outdated, and therefore a little boring and harder to relate and get into. I probably need to dive into some more classics on my own, as the only one I've read on my own now was The Diary of a Young Girl, which I loved. Maybe that's the key? I don't know. Great discussion! :)

  3. This is such a great discussion Kate. I completely stink at reading classics, but the classics I have read I’ve ended up absolutely loving. (Go figure). I think just the fact that they’re labeled as classics makes them so much more “intimidating” to read than if they were modern-day literature. But I think there’s a reason that classics are known as classics – they always have such wonderful writing and timeless lessons that need to be taken to heart. Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. Um...I don't read classics. I WANT to. I WANT to be the kind of person who reads and loves classics but...they bore me. Most don't even interest me. And I'm a firm beleiver in reading for fun, that's not to say people don't have fun reading classics, just that I'm not one of those people. I mean, I love a book that makes me question life and delves into all these "deeper meanings" but most the time I just want to sit down, relax, and have fun. Having said that, I DO want to try to read a few more classics I just...never get around to it. Still, how can a writer never read classics??? Your post inspires me though, so hopefully soon I will try reading another! By the way, what's your favoirte? =)