The ABBA Book TAG!

I haven't done a TAG in so long...and I'm so so so excited for this one! My dad is an absolute music fanatic, and he gave me a musication (music education) starting with ABBA. I first saw this by Ranu @The Araylia Bookshelf and I went CRAZAYYY! So let's just get into it!

Take a Chance on Me
a book you unexpectedly liked
I know, I know, I'm a terrible person...but I normally really don't like fantasy. They can seem unrealistic and a little eye-roll worthy. BUT Throne of Glass is wonderful, exciting, empowering, expertly written, and EVERYTHING great. Seriously, this and Harry Potter - now I can give fantasies a chance :)

The Winner Takes it All
an overhyped book

Just the most recent one I've read, so there has to be more...but I had a lot of expectations for this book...and it didn't work out so well. OH and the Hunger Games. First one was amazing, second one was confusing, third one sucked. 

an amazing historical fiction
One of my favorite BOOKS, not just historical fiction books, of all time. Absolutely beautifully written in the most descriptive and poetic diction...this is art guys. This book took the author I think 10 years to research and write, and you can TELL.

Does Your Mother Know?
a recently published book you loved
Almost a year ago? Pshh that's recent to me :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. The main character, Mim, is still one of my favorite protagonists of all time. Some people may disagree, but I think that she is so multi-faceted and so strong yet so vulnerable. My type of person. 

I Have A Dream
a favorite, "ideal" book
Nothing will beat this. There's characters you absolutely fall in love with, writing where every single word can make you tremble, incorporation of art worth winning an award. Seriously. Every component of a good story is pieced together for this. 

Dancing Queen
a book with royalty
Sorry if I'm totally wrong with this one, but Anden and his father were basically royalty. Right? Kinda cheating here, but I wanted to make sure it was a book I actually really liked. I love Day, I love June, I love the uniqueness of Legend.

Money, Money, Money
a book you'd pay good money for
Dear And Then There Were None...WHY DO I NOT OWN YOU??? Seriously, you're not even expensive (ha cheating my way out of this question too, I'm terrible). You're such a classic I'm a little ashamed you're not on my shelf with the rest of the bookish elite. I'm sorry. You'll be there soon :)

Lay All Your Love on Me
a book that needs more attention
Don't judge this book by its cover. Libba Bray is such an amazing author, I'm surprised this book hasn't been everywhere...but oh well. It really deserves to be. I've never seen a YA book that meshes together social commentary and humor so expertly. Like kudos to you Libba Bray.

Mamma Mia
a book that seemed to copy another book Ranu kindly pointed out, you got the idea of the song wrong. But there is a perfect book for this so I'll do it anyway. 
I gotta say, this book copied it all. That's an accomplishment in itself. It somehow managed to copy The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Program, The Maze Runner, and Legend in one story. Good job. 

a book that should fall in trouble and never be rescued
I'm sorry...I don't really know any terrible books I've read that were just way too opinionated or portrayed something awful. Such a shame- I wish I could hate rant on a book...but I can't. *tear*

Knowing Me, Knowing You
a book you know a lot about
I'm on page 60 right now...and still know most everything about the book. Mostly because I had been anticipating this for months, but still. 

YAY! Go have an ABBA dance party and I tag anyone who loves ABBA as much as I do! 

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  1. I still haven't read All the light we Cannot See! Ugh it looks go good! I also agree, Everything, Everything was very overhyped.