A Change

There are a few new changes that have come into my reading life and my blog recently, and I wanted to talk to you about them before making the transition. First, NEW DESIGN!! I've been wanting a new design for a very long time, but didn't get around to it until this weekend where I accidently completely lost my template and had to start from scratch. There were tears...but it all worked out and I am so glad with the end result! Let me know if you would like all the links/info of how I did it!

Most importantly, there are HUGE reading changes that have already been put into place, as can be seen by my blog header: Countries, Classics, Books.
Recently, I watched a TED talk by Ann Morgan and her decision to read a book from every country in the world (196 countries) in a year. Her talk seemed like she was a person who truly knew the power of literature and I realized that my selection of books could have a narrowing effect on my perspective of the world. Her list is linked here. 

So I talked about it with some of my friends and family, and decided to make the change. I am now aiming to read a book from every country in about 3 to 4 years, along with the 26 classics that I am already reading per year. Difficult and daunting, but in my opinion, worth it. 

I am extremely excited to start this journey, but there will be some consequences. I won't be able to read barely any YA, and this blog will not be a YA blog anymore. It's sad, because I love the genre and its exciting glamor, but I can definitely afford to leave it for a while. I understand that that might mean I lose some of  my current readers, but I know I'll meet new ones!

All the books that I have read will be listed under the page THE LIST, with their links to the reviews if I have them. I've already read a few that are absolutely life-changing. Please, don't hesitate to read them, from your library or online. If we read more widely, publishers have the incentive to publish widely, and all of our perspectives can grow. 

Thank you! 


  1. There's nothing wrong with changing your reading habits! Just try and sneak in some just-for-fun books as a change every now and then.

    How are you going to find books from really teeny-tiny countries in English? That might be a challenge in itself!

    1. Thank you! The great thing is the books I'm reading are actually somewhat just-for-fun, maybe with the exception of classics.
      Definitely a challenge, but I hope to figure that out as I go!

  2. Good luck with your challenge Kate! I think it's awesome to take on something new, it's often common for a teen to have a ya blog, but I think that something different is always good!

    1. Thank you so much Emily! It's so great to have such support :)

  3. Thanks for finding my blog and I'm thrilled to see you read more widely and diversely!
    I naturally gravitate to the stories of the world, it's just so enriching and enlightening.
    You're definitely right about finding new readers and audiences, like me! I look forward to reading your reviews. :)