Kids of Appetite ARC Review + Quotes

Title: Kids of Appetite
Author: David Arnold
Publishing Date: September 20th, 2016
Genre: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

Blurb: Victor Benucci is an intelligent boy with a love of art (Matisse!) and an urn full of his father's ashes. Madeline Falco is a simultaneous extreme opposite. Both find a home in a greenhouse with a group of dreamers. 
Madeline's uncle has been killed. The police would like to know their story. Songs of flowers, ice cream, a family of five, terrible things happening to the most wonderful people, and a bit of love all combine to create the most Super Racehorse of a story. 


More than anything, I treasured the sentences and the descriptions in this book. So to get you excited for September, here are my favorite quotes and my reactions. 

"I think Mad saw in books what I saw in art: the weightless beauty of the universe."
No words needed. My feelings exactly. 

"The hair led to the eyes, which led to the lips, which led to the skin, which led to, which led to, which  led to...Mad was a map. And I was Magellan."
Rivaling Eleanor and Park for the most beautiful descriptions of another person's exquisite beauty. Honestly, it's such a good metaphor. It has been added to my wall of quotes. 

"I was a real mythology-sucker-legacy-loving type guy. I needed history. I needed know-how. I needed origin." 
Do you see what I mean here? How does Vic express everything I've wanted to say so well?

"I hope you were right...I hope there's beauty in my asymmetry."
Vic's dad was a smart man. There is beauty in everyone's imperfections that can often disguise who we are behind the curtain. In Vic's case, it's his facial paralysis that often scares other people and prevents them from seeing his intelligence and loyalty. For us, whatever it may be, it's good to know that there is beauty in it. 

"And in the night sky, the soaring sopranos fly out over the city, guarding it with song, catching the souls of those rare, lovely heart-thinkers."
I hope to think with my heart. I do. How beautifully this sentence captured the emotion of finding a piece of art or music or literature that speaks to your heart and your heart only, so that it becomes impossible to express it in words. 

"And when the kids needed someone most, someone to love and trust, they found one another, and they called themselves the Kids of Appetite, and they lives and they laughed and they saw that it was good."
And that my friends, is the book. 

I hope you liked this different style of review :) In other terms though, the book is truly an incredible compilation of a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, characters that you fall in love with after knowing them for a few pages, and the most beautiful sentences in the universe. 

Look for it in September!

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