I Mustache You Some Questions TAG

Hi guys! I was tagged by the wonderful Skye@A Geek With Books to answer some questions...why the mustache I have no idea. I've seen this around, and I'm excited to finally getting to do it! Here we go...
Four Jobs I would Like to Have:
  • Publisher/Editor- Reading books all day. Critiquing them. Sounds like a job I could go for. 
  • Makeup Artist- Guilty pleasure! Playing around with makeup is so fun. 
  • Chocolate Taster- I wonder if this is actually a job...sampling chocolates and reviewing them :) 
  • Naming Nail Polish Colors- Because they seriously need to upgrade those people. 
Four Movies I have Watched more than Once:
  • All the Harry Potters. I've watched them like 20 times. 
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants- my go-to chick-flick...with all the feelllssss 
  • Les Miserables the Cast Recording- like the musical. Not the Hugh Jackman one because the singing is horrifying. 
  • The Book Thief- deserves so much more recognition as a book and a movie. Go watch it now. Literally. Unless you don't want to cry...then don't. 
Four Books I would Recommend: 
  • If you're feeling sci-fi/action- Steelheart and Firefight by Brandon Sanderson
  • If you're feeling contemporary- A.S. King books or I'll Give You The Sun
  • If you're feeling romance/girly- Any Sarah Dessen book (again, guilty pleasure!) or Jenny Han books.
  • If you're feeling historical, like me sometimes- THE BOOK THIEF. CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH. 
Four Places I have Visited: 
  • London, Paris, Rome- okay that's three places all together but it was on the same trip so HA
  • Canadian Rockies- Utterly stunning. I do not have words to describe it.
  • Australia- I don't actually remember anything (I was 4) but it sounds cool hehe.
Four Things I don't Eat: 
  • Mushrooms- *barf*
  • Grapefruit- *double barf*
  • Alfredo sauce stuff
  • White chocolate- is not real chocolate. 
Four of My Favorite Foods:
  • Dark Chocolate- basically the real world form of heaven. 
  • Apples
  • Korean food- tastes like home :)
  • Ramen noodles- always, my love.
Four Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year:
  • Back To School(?)- Not really, but it's kinda major. 
  • Halloween is sooon!
  • And then Christmas!!
Four People I've Tagged:
I know that a lot of people have done this so I'm sorry if you already have...
...Or anyone else who is feeling it! Hope you enjoyed, and comment below your answers to some of these questions! 

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