Talkin' About: Book Festivals

Book Festivals
There may just be nothing in this world that gets me more excited and happy than a book festival. While that may be saying something about my mental state (I'm just a teeny tiny bit book crazy), I love them. so. much. 
I have now attended 4 different book festivals, and met Sarah Dessen. Scott Westerfeld, Jenny Han, Kiera Cass, Gayle Forman, James's a long list. 
Basically a book fest is a huge festival where authors come and speak at panels, sign books, and there is a huge number of attendees that buy books and get them signed, and walk around the festivals going to the panels. Oh, and occasionally you get free stuff. Everyone is essentially a huge book geek. It is my sense of heaven. 
(Not to mention how freaking cool it is to shake hands with James Dashner and think this is the hand that touched the hand of Dylan O'Brien that touched the hand of 70,000 other celebrities)
Anyway, Texas Teen Book Festival is coming to Austin again this September with a great selection of authors, and I am so pumped. I wanted to know if any of you have attended any book festivals, and what your experience was like. 
Also, comment below if you get more excited about meeting your favorite author than a celebrity...maybe that's just me. 


  1. Unfortunately, I've never been to a book festival..... I don't live in a very big city (Cincinnati), so there really aren't very many. At least ones that have authors like James Dashner. I would LOVE to go to one at some point, though. It's amazing that you have the chance! And I don't actually really have favorite celebrities, so favorite authors it is!!

    1. I hope that you get to soon, because it truly is a life-changing experience to meet real, live, famous authors! Yeah I am really lucky to live in a more major city (Austin). Thanks for stopping by!