Letter to...A.S. King

Hey guys! I'm back with another Blogger Positivity Campaign post! As the third post in the campaign, here is a letter to an author who has changed my life...

Dear A.S. King,

First of all, it's Kate from Texas Teen Book Festival last year, when my friends and I continuously walked up to your table and tried to act cool while fangirling over our favorite author. I am so grateful for that festival, because I got to meet you but it's also why I started reading your books.  

Best decision ever. Your books understood me. Your characters were all just trying to make sense of life and go through it the best they could, and the questions they struggled with just really touched me. Not only did I love your characters (Lucky Linderman being my favorite) and plots, but I thought it was amazing that you incorporated such "dark, controversial" topics into your books so seamlessly. 

I think the best books are not the ones that keep me on the edge of my seat, sick with anticipation. The best stories, to me, are ones that hold up a mirror to the simple joys and sorrows of life. The ones that understand how beautiful yet crazy life is. With every book of yours I read, I felt like I understood more and more, that I was seeing something...bigger. 

So thank you. Your books have shown me that it's okay to feel lost in a hurricane of thought and that there is a fierceness, a power in love. 


P.S. Oh, and also thank you for introducing me to the joy of sending love to airplanes! 

This is A.S. King. She is the creator of all things magical and is an absolute sass monster. She wrote Reality Boy, Ask the PassengersEverybody Sees the AntsGlory O'Brien's History of the FuturePlease Ignore Vera Dietz, and more. (oh her most recent one is I'll Crawl Through It) In all seriousness, her books tackle some really emotional and controversial topics with characters I've fallen in love with. She is one of the reasons I love contemporary, raw realistic fiction so much. She is fierce, brave, and incredibly witty, and it shows in her books. 


  1. ooooh! A while ago somebody recommended A S King to me on tumblr and I still haven't got there... It's good to know that more people like her, I reeeaaally must check out her books! Which is the best one to start with?

  2. I've never read anything by AS King, but seeing how passionate you are about her books makes me want to pick something of hers up as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing this Kate and, as always, fabulous letter! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage

  3. I also haven't read anything by A.S. King so far, but I do know the author and a lot of people have loved her books so much. I really want to read her books now :) I love how she inspired you in so many ways through her books! And I think it was amazing how you met her in a festival. Like you, if I were to meet a favorite author, I would've flailed and cried as well. Great post!

    PS. A.S. King read your letter when you tweeted her yesterday!! I hope you saw that :D

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books