12 Bloggers of Christmas Pt. 2

Hey guys! Whew, final exams have just ended and it is officially WINTER BREAK!!! That calls for winter-y festivities all over the blog including the FALLING SNOW (I am so happy about it) and the second post of the 12 bloggers of Christmas! Today I am showcasing another fantastic group, and I hope you're excited! 

Hi, my name is Jillian, and I am a 15-year-old girl from Manila, Philippines. Currently, I am in the 10th grade as a sophomore in high school, where Grammar and Literature are one of my favorite subjects.
One of my favorite pastimes include reading and writing books, listening to music, playing the piano, and watching movies. Other than that, I also love to blog at my book blog, where I talk about all things bookish.
Jillian's Books is a mostly YA book blog where I discuss, rave, rant, and talk about books with excessive CAPS LOCK and love!
Why do you blog?
I grew up in a family who barely reads books, so most of the time, I felt that there was nobody to talk to about the books I read and loved.
Enter the book blogging community. I blog because I love to get the word out on books, and also communicate with book bloggers who completely understand how it feels to suffer from our love books and, of course, fall for fictional and unreal characters. From this, I grew a sense of confidence, and now I'm unashamed to say that I love books more than anything else :)
What was the best bookish thing about 2015? 
The best thing that happened this year was when two authors mailed me packages for the first time! It literally made my day when I came home to a package that would eventually surprise me somehow.

Hi! I'm Val from The Innocent Smiley! I mainly review from the young adult genre, and maybe one adult book here or there. My favorite genres include fantasy, science fiction, and World War II (I like the emotional feels I get from sad books, no lie). Other than reading, I love to play video games! (I highly encourage you to message or email me if you are also a fellow gamer!). I am currently in my last year of university, studying Brain & Cognitive Sciences, and I hope to attend graduate school in the future! 
Why do you blog? 
Before, I blogged to not only improve my writing, but to also to discuss books with other fellow book nerds. Now, I am connected with a bunch of amazing bloggers, and I have even met some of them! So at first, my one reason to blog was to just get my thoughts out into the world. But then that expanded to meeting new people, either on Twitter or visiting new blogs. I'm not sure where I would be without blogging.
What was the best bookish thing about 2015?
The best bookish thing for me was definitely BEA, not because I got a ton of great books (that was good too though), but because I got to meet my blogger friends for the first time. That in itself made the trip infinitely amazing.

Hey, I'm Shay, I run the blog The Story Goes... and have been for almost two years now! I'm a writer who's obsessed with NaNoWriMo. A reader who wishes nothing more than to visit Hogwarts and/or Olympus. A baker who aspires to make the best sugar free cookies. And a concert obsessed music lover. =)
Why do you blog?
I blog for two reasons:
1. It's fun! I have fun writing posts and reading books and stalking other bloggers. Whenever it's not fun, then I know I need a break.
2. All the awesome people. I mean, pretty much every book nerd is awesome and the ones that blog? They are the BEST.
What was the best bookish thing about 2015?
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell was the best thing about 2015. I had been waiting for what felt like forever for it and I just loved it so much. Simon and Baz for life!

Hi! I'm Shannon and I blog at It Starts at Midnight. I have a pretty ridiculous Hunger Games obsession, stay up pretty much all night doing blog/bookish things, and wrangle two small humans that I happened to spawn during the day.
Why do you blog?
I started blogging because I wanted to flail (and in some cases, yell at) books. I continued because I realized that there were other amazing people who wanted to do the same thing!
What was the best bookish thing about 2015?
BEA! I got to finally meet two of my very best blogging friends in person AND didn't completely scare them away. Plus I met authors, publishers, and tons of other amazing bloggers The atmosphere was bookish and fabulous. Plus, I was able to get out of my comfort zone, and do something for ME. It was a win all around. 

So that is a wrap guys! I LOVE THESE BLOGGERS- and hope you will too! Have a great day and enjoy the winter wonderland :) 

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