The Big Picture: 2016!

WOW 2016 has flown by- and I have to say, I can't believe it's over! It's truly been a year of thick and thin but it has completely been worth it...and I just wanted to capture these 366 days in a blog post :) 

Bloggish Things: 
  • I completely re-beautified the blog with a new design (sort of on accident, but hey, it worked!) and a much cleaner, fresh color scheme and logo. I am so so happy with the results!
  • I did the ABBA Book Tag and we talked about classicsfinding time to readbooks and life, and the correlation between books and gender
  • This will go with my bookish things, but I started to review classics and books from around the world after dedicating my reading to those two goals. 
  • I got 16, 532 pageviews and went on a record of at least 3 unannounced was a busy busy year :( 
Bookish Things:

  • I read a grand total of 61 books this year (with a few more re-reads in between there) and completed my goodreads challenge of reading 60 books this year! (I can't believe 9 of them were just in December haha) 
  • I honestly can say I feel like I have learned the most and have felt the most fulfilled with the reading I did this year; I read books from 17 countries that I have never read books from and an incredible amount of classics (I stopped counting haha). I have learned so much just about the human soul and about what is going on in the world. 
  • I started a feminist literature club at my school! 
  • I started a quote wall in my room with all my favorite quotes written on it: 
  • My favorite books that I read in 2016: 

Resolutions for 2017: 
  • Comment on more blogs and interact with different bloggers! 
  • Have blog posts for the books I read for my feminist literature club and the discussions we have. 
  • Stick to the classic month themes that I have decided for myself, and maybe blog about them? 
  • Read more, write more, blog more- the usual :)
  • Continue to read more books about the world and try to encourage others to do the same!
Thank you to everyone who was such an incredible part of this year and have made my time online in this community as special as it has been. A lot of things have gone on in 2016 around the world that are going to bring changes in 2017, but I believe we can make it the best year yet. 

Here's to 2017!

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  1. Happy New Year Kate! Glad you had a good year and read lots of amazing books'